Melba Toast

  • ancient_grains

    Ancient Grains Toasts

    Bring the goodness of ancient grains into your home with these new Ancient Grains Toasts. Made with millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, and sesame, these delicious crisp toasts are brimming with whole grain goodness – great by itself or with your favorite creative pairing.

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  • Rye-Melba-Toast

    Rye Melba Toast

    Authentic rye is a taste you can recognize anywhere. Old London Rye Melba Toast reminds you of the taste you grew up on and the snack time tradition you still cherish today. Perfect with smoked salmon, cream cheese, or cold cuts, this Melba is sure to please.

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  • Wheat-Melba-Toast

    Wheat Melba Toast

    Hearty whole wheat makes the perfect hunger stopper any time of day. Old London Wheat Melba Toast is a great choice for well balanced snacking throughout the day to prevent hunger spikes.

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  • Salt-Free-Whole-Grain-Melba-Toast

    Salt Free Whole Grain Melba Toast

    Old London Salt Free Whole Grain Melba Toast is fantastic for those watching their sodium intake, or anyone who wants a perfectly crunchy canvas for roasted veggies, hummus and artisan cheeses. This no sodium snack will wow!

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  • Whole-Grain-Melba-Toast

    Whole Grain Melba Toast

    The goodness of whole grain is perfect in it’s simplicity and great taste, with zero fat. Old London Whole Grain Melba Toast has zero sugar and is also a source of dietary fiber.

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  • Classic-Melba-Toast

    Classic Melba Toast

    There’s no messing with a true classic. This versatile snack started it all. It’s hard to argue that Old London Classic Melba Toast is anything but the ideal snack for a healthful lifestyle.

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  • Sourdough-Melba-Toasts

    Sourdough Melba Toasts

    The classic tangy flavor of real sourdough in Melba Toast form! This small wonder of a snack packs bold flavor into every bite. A fat free food with only 60 calories per serving, it’s sure to be your favorite sourdough.

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  • Rosemary-and-Olive-Oil-Melba-Toast

    Rosemary & Olive Oil Melba Toast

    Like a trip to Italy on your tongue. Our Rosemary & Olive Oil Melba Toast’s robust flavor will take you back to thoughts of sun-drenched picnics and warm breezes. With only 70 calories per serving and no cholesterol, this snack pairs nicely with antipasto and soft cheeses.

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  • Sesame-Melba-Toast

    Sesame Melba Toast

    Discerning sesame lovers everywhere will appreciate our Sesame Melba Toast as the ideal great tasting sesame snack. With zero trans fat, 5g of whole grain and only 60 calories per serving, there’s nothing but goodness here!

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