Melba Snacks

  • Whole-Grain-Melba-Snacks

    Whole Grain Melba Snacks

    Whole grain never tasted so good! These fantastic snacks are a source of fiber, and have no saturated fat or cholesterol. Take them with you on the go for easy snacking, or stash a box in your desk for when hunger strikes.

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  • White-Cheddar-Melba-Snacks

    White Cheddar Melba Snacks

    The savory taste of real white cheddar and the hearty crunch you crave, together in one perfect round snack. Where else can you get your cheese fix for only 60 calories per serving?

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  • Roasted-Garlic-Melba-Snacks

    Roasted Garlic Melba Snacks

    There’s nothing quite like the distinctive rich flavor of roasted garlic. Old London Roasted Garlic Melba Snacks have 5g of real whole grains and only 50 calories per serving.

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  • Sesame-Melba-Snacks

    Sesame Melba Snacks

    The mildly nutty and buttery flavor of sesame gives these Sesame Melba Snacks a great taste that goes particularly well with smoked fish and cheeses.

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  • Sea-Salt-Melba-Snacks

    Sea Salt Melba Snacks

    The perfect complement to a world of toppings, dips and spreads, these Sea Salt Melba Snacks are healthy and satisfying. This mighty little whole grain snack will pick you right up out of that mid-morning or early-afternoon energy crash.

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  • Spicy-3-Pepper-Melba-Snacks

    Spicy 3 Pepper Melba Snacks

    Kick up your snacking with the delightful spicy crunch of Old London Spicy 3 Pepper Melba Snacks. Great paired with cool ranch or blue cheese dips for contrast, with other spicy toppings like salsa, or on their own – these rounds are sure to tickle the palette of pepper lovers everywhere.

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